$2,3m Generated with Klaviyo Email Marketing For An Ecommerce Store In The Sport Niche

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Brand Story & Challenges

This ecommerce store sells sport and clothing products for its customers.

This brand has been with SLZ Commerce since April 2020, and we have been constantly implementing and testing new strategies to maximize the brand’s sales and conversion rate.

We implemented the whole Klaviyo Email platform with custom events and build several flows depending on the custom event.

"I am really so happy that I chose SLZ for my email marketing at that moment. We had months where I would have been totally screwed without the email marketing and knowledge of the great guys. Thank you for the great and successful partnership!"
Maria O
Maria O.
e-com CEO

Maria came to us with a existing ecom store which was doing really good. The only point where she was missing out was her E-Mail and retention marketing. Good for her brand that we took care for her as we could improve the revenue by 28% just in the last year. 

Edgar Email Stat Results

To collect the email subscribers we setup new funnels and popups for Maria which allowed us to collect the emails at a specific page of her shop. With that we implemented new automated flows, which are send automatically when triggered. In addition we setup a whole process of blog posts and email campaigns. Both, our email campaigns and the automated flow were a huge success for Maria. 

This is what happened

When we started the flows, there was not much difference at first. But don’t worry, that happens!

So we went through all the variables according to our internal specifications and noticed that everything was just perfect so far. As with everything good in life, it is true that it takes time to achieve good results.

$22k from flows and only $1k from campaigns. However, this was not unexpected for us at all, as we have not yet been hired for campaigns during this period and have only performed single tests. In this case, we focused entirely on the flows first before we started with the campaigns.

Maria Email Stats3

After some time that the flows were running and we did our optimizations we arrived to a good level. The revenue of Maria’s flows skyrocketed. 

Maria Email Stats4

The following screenshot shows how important and powerful our A/B tests are. In Maria’s case, we sent three different variants of an email to the customer, with one variant standing out as performing particularly well. In this case, we take this variant, duplicate it and run further tests.

Maria AB Test